The Big Boys Curry Book

Tandoori Masala

The Toddy Waller collects palm sap to make the local alchoholic firewater

Tandoori Masala. Used for marinading chicken (and other meats) in yoghurt to give that popular flavouring. You can buy commercial Tandoori mixes that contain the red colouring or make your own as here. It is possible to buy the colouring powders. Be careful with them all, they are all very strong, and are best left until you mix the powder with the yoghurt so you can judge the colour more easily. If you cannot get hold of the food colouring, do not worry, it adds absolutely nothing to the flavour. Masalas should be stored in dark airtight jars and as a rule improve with a bit of age. Quantities are given in weight ratio. All you have to do is work in ounces, grammes or whatever to make the mix.


  • 9 Coriander seed
  • 9 Cummin seed
  • 9 Garlic powder
  • 9 Paprika
  • 5 Ground Ginger
  • 5 Mango powder
  • 5 Dried Mint
  • 4 Garam Masala - Hot Spice blend
  • 4 Dried Chilli

Total 59


  1. Grind the seeds and mix with powders. Store.

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