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On the question of interfaces and traits

It often occurs to me that we are not describing Interfaces and Traits properly. How many times do you see them named as SomethingTrait or SomethingInterface.

Now, I admit, it is sometimes difficult, but if we take the following into consideration then it might make life easier.


Interfaces state the "intention" of a class to implement some functionality. This means the implementing class is able to do something or capable of doing something.

Does it not make sense then to name Interfaces accordingly:

  • Writeable
  • StorageCapable
  • CapableOfMakingCoffee
  • AbleToMakeTea


Traits are tricky. A quirk of PHP to enable some sort of multi inheritance. I've seen whole classes implemented as a single use statement. Not what was intended, I'm sure.

The real power of Traits is coupling them to Interfaces. They provide the implemention of an Interface. But how do we name them? It seems to me that doing it is apt. The dictionary describes:


the activities in which a particular person engages

The key bit of doing is ing (non english languages may vary!). Thus we can get

  • Writing
  • Storing
  • CoffeeMaking
  • TeaMaking

Putting it all together:

class Foo implements CapableOfMakingCoffee
    use CoffeeMaking;

Your thoughts?